The Research Project REALIABLES Offshore is an option for determining the remaining service life or the optimal point of time for maintainance of offshore structures. On top of that it answers questions about the safe and efficient operation of existing constructs beyond their nominal service time.

To realise this undertaking approaches of the Structural Health Monitoring are being improved. Using this method the status of a structure is analysed regularily in its operating time and is transmitted to a database. This data is used to gain insight about the status of similarily stressed structures.

The partnens UAS Kiel and SDU improve necessary software and are provide it for interessted enterprises as a testing version free of charge. The test object is the research plattform FINO3, which has a distance of 80km to Sylt and is located in the North Sea.

Also a Crossborder Vibration and Fatigue Testcenter is established by the parties involved. This testing centres is unique to the Interreg region and will support regional entreprised directly. It offers advice through theoretical knowledge, modern laboratory equipment and simulation methods for pratical demands. A circle of  networking partners constisting of representatives from enterprises, associations and other research centres supports RELIABLES offshore critically.

Reliables Offshore is funded by Interreg Germany-Denmark with resources of the European Regional Development Fund. For more information, see