Crossborder Vibration and Fatigue Testcenter

The Crossborder Vibration and Fatigue Testcenter is located at the UAS Kiel and the SDU.

The UAS Kiel provides knowledge about the fatigue of structures. Usable equipment for testing purposes can be viewed here.

Coupled with the knowledge of vibrations provided by the SDU, the Testcenter gives enterprises the opportunity to use this equipment. It can be reviewed here.

Regional enterprises are welcome to make use of our competence in both areas. In practise we will conduct research on projects of regional enterprises, which can happen as a sponsored or as a student’s project.

A flyer as PDF about our general objectives and especially about the test center can be found here.

Sponsored Project

A sponsored project may be finished faster than a student’s project. Due to a confidentiality clause the results are shown exclusively to the enterprise. However, fees apply with this kind of project.

Student’s Project

A student’s project usually occurs free of charge. They usually take longer and may differ in quality.